Authentic Leaders Create Impact

One of the things we like to promote here at Lead Change is members who inspire us to lead from who we are rather than our position.  With our character as the source of inspiration and influence we act as authentic leaders; not perfect but genuine, always seeking the best for the group rather than just for ourselves.

Recently Erin Schreyer(@ErinSchreyer) of Sagestone Partners and Authentic Leadership Cincinnati commissioned a video based on her thoughts on authentic, character-based leadership.  It's titled You Are A Leader. Take a look.

What response does that inspire from you? How does that make you feel? What are you challenged to do as a result of watching that short video? Comment below or share this video with others.

Have you written something that you'd like to turn into a video? Do you have a particular message you're passionate about sharing? What are you waiting for. Contact us, connect with other members or just get going. This group is full of people who would be glad to help you sharpen your message and make an impact. What are you waiting for?

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