Marcella Bremer

What if you worked in a positive workplace? You and your team would engage (more), innovate, contribute, and give it your best! The world would look different if we all did. Positive organizations are agile, more innovative, competitive, collaborative and productive.

However, in over 20 years of consulting, I saw how many clients experienced the opposite. Even managers told me they couldn’t change their dreadful workdays! That’s why I wrote my new book and launched the Positive Culture Academy, in addition to offering the OCAI culture survey online.

I am an author, and culture & change consultant. I help leaders, middle managers, supervisors, HR professionals, OD consultants, and employees to develop a positive culture at work. We can thrive and change our workplaces and the world.

My personal website is at

The online Positive Culture Academy at focuses on how you can personally contribute to a positive, productive culture in your organization.

My company OCAI online provides Cameron & Quinn’s validated Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) online. Check out

My blog to inspire you at

My new book is “Developing a Positive Culture where People and Performance Thrive”. You can buy it on Amazon or check out the book page at

My first book “Organizational Culture Change: Unleash your Organization’s Potential in Circles of 10” is available on Amazon as well.

I have a MScBA degree from Rotterdam School of Management and I’m a member of the Institute for Culturally Adaptive Leadership (ICAL), the Academy of Culture Ambassadors, and contributor at Culture University, the Berlin Change Days, the International Society for Organization Development & Change (ISODC) and author at Lead Change Group.

I’m listed as one of the top 30 Global Gurus on Organizational Culture.

I am married and blessed with three sons. I live in the Netherlands but do consulting and workshops globally.

Feel free to connect with me on social media:





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