Badass Women At Any Age

There’s an unfortunate club out there: a club of women who thought that being ‘nice’ and ‘working hard’ as a young professional would pay dividends later on.

Many of us were incredibly disappointed to learn this wasn’t true. Instead, we encountered a seemingly impenetrable club—often based on gender, but not always—requiring more political savvy to navigate than we ever expected to need. Women entering the workforce today find a very different national conversation than I did, but most organizations have yet to make meaningful changes for women.

That’s why I authored a workplace handbook for women, The Politics of Promotion. This year, I also decided to carry on the conversation with a new podcast. Badass Women At Any Age shares the stories of remarkable women 50 and older, and I hope it will create a powerful community where we can empower each other to stay in the fight.

The first two episodes of Badass Women At Any Age speak to the power of women. In episode one, I talk with Amy Ferris, who is an author, screenwriter, editor and playwright. Her memoir, Marrying George Clooney: Confessions From A Midlife Crisis, is an example of the brilliant, entertaining, and creative way that she tells the raw and unaltered truth.

I love Amy’s ability to be truly herself, which in turn inspires others to do the same. Amy and I talk about the family issues that gave her a sense of her own voice, how her writing workshops help women to dig deep within themselves, and why it is so very badass to love yourself deeply and put yourself at the top of your priority list. The full episode, Let’s Love Ourselves a Whole Lot More, can be found here.

In episode two, I spoke with Jennifer Kahnweiler, a certified speaker, author, and one of the top global experts on introverts. I just loved this conversation. For one thing, being a badass and being an introvert go hand-in-hand. Hearing about Jennifer’s evolution in speaking her truth while at the same time respecting others was incredibly powerful. She knows the power of using her own voice to inspire others to use theirs as well.

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