Be A Mindsetter

Have you ever hoped your message would positively influence another’s behavior, but it didn’t? Have you ever aspired to reset the mindset of a colleague or family member, in hopes of making a sustained, positive impact — only to realize you just didn’t have any tools in your “Mindset Reset” toolbox?

If so, you are not alone. Michael Groban, William Greenwald, and Derek Roberts — authors of the groundbreaking book Be a Mindsetter — found that the vast majority of leaders and organizations around the globe find themselves inadequately prepared to craft and deliver memorable messages in a manner that truly serves to inspire, influence, and impact others. They hear the same feedback from leaders, parents, teachers, coaches, trainers, and clinicians alike: “I want to inspire and change minds… I want to influence behaviors… I want to have a sustained, positive impact on those I serve… I just don’t know how to design and deliver that message!”

Drawing inspiration from this challenge, the authors set out to tackle the “Mindsetter” dilemma head-on. They spent years researching and decoding the science behind the art of how one successfully crafts and delivers memorable and impactful messages. Inspired by cutting-edge brain science and supported by evidenced-based research, they have unpacked the science, stripped out the complexity, and with simplicity in mind designed a model for every form of communicator (i.e., Mindsetter) to leverage.

Set aside an hour this week to listen in as the three authors discuss three (+one) simple, practical steps to take any message and make it memorable and lasting. Discover how YOU can craft and deliver YOUR message in a manner that will truly serve to inspire, influence, and impact others! Based on the latest research in brain science, the method (the 3R-Axiom) is proven in the real world and will change your mindset and behaviour.

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