Before You Choose to Lead: Secret of a Gentleman Rancher

It started with dinner on a hot summer evening - great seafood I think…but I can't remember what I ate, because the conversation was superb.

I was dining with Bob, a successful businessman who built from the ground up and owns enterprises in several states.

During our conversation, I discovered he had been a rancher.

The past tense - "had been" intrigued me and I asked to hear the rest of the story.

Christmas Calf

Bob shared how, once he reached a certain level of financial success, he decided to pursue ranching.

A "gentleman rancher", as he described it.

He would own the spread, hire a crew, and periodically come in to help work the ranch - i.e. recreational ranching...

So he did, and for a while, it was good.

Until Christmas.

Bob is an excellent story-teller and as he talked, I could almost feel the sting of wind-driven snow against my face as he described his predicament…

He had been working the ranch in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The crew was due to relieve him on Christmas Eve and he would return to spend Christmas with his family.

Then a blizzard hit.

The snows blew hard and Bob was stuck…he couldn't get out and the ranch hands couldn't get in.

He was alone…and a cow was supposed to be giving birth any day now. [Read More...]


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