Chery Gegelman: The Character-Based Leader Co-Author Interview

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Chapter Title:  "Why Character Based Leadership?" 

Chery Gegelman

President/Managing Partner at Giana Consulting, LLC

Chery Gegelman is the President of Giana Consulting, an Organizational Wholeness and Growth Consulting Company that specializes in Organizational Development, Leadership Development and helping people understand and navigate Change.

Chery is a visionary, nurturing and energetic presence that has been described by others as honest, courageous and dedicated. She has been gifted with an ability to understand the strengths and opportunities of both individuals and organizations. Through a unique blend of almost child-like curiosity, creativity and deeply-rooted strength she helps clients resolve issues and discover new paths. Her passion is helping individuals and organizations discover and unleash their greatest strengths so they can overcome obstacles and maximize results.

She is quick to point out that any wisdom and understanding she brings come from her own failures and successes, the people she worked with along the way, wise mentors, years of study and the underserved grace of her Heavenly Father.
Chery is available for consultations, facilitating, speaking and collaborations.

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