Chip Shots - Finding Your Calling

Here at Lead Change Group, we know that problems are most effectively solved when individuals come together to meld ideas, energies, and approaches.

To use a golf analogy, not every shot is a long drive. Many times, golfers have to take a chip shot to move the ball along for a short distance, with incisive accuracy.

If you are new to the Chip Shots green, welcome. In our Chip Shots feature, our Leading Voices are invited to provide brief insights into a leadership-related topic.

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This Month's Prompt

Most people don't form a self and then lead a life. They are called by a problem, and the self is constructed gradually by their calling." // "Matching problems to your strengths isn't just about being rewarded by monetary compensation but also the joy of following a true vocation. But often, you discover that that calling is one baby step at a time
~ Whitney Johnson

Contributors were asked to reply with thoughts about what this passage evoked for them.

Becky Robinson shares:

"I have discovered my calling one baby step at a time. It started with a question from my husband about a career after kids. I had no idea what career I might pursue, but I started saying yes to opportunities, which led me to discover work I love. Whitney also writes that showing up is the most important metric of all. I believe when we show up to possibilities, amazing things can happen. "

Chip Bell responds:

It evokes to me the power of learning from our mistakes, not just from our successes.  When I was growing up and I made a big boo boo, my dad would typically say, "Well, son, did you learn anything?"  From him I developed an insatiable curiosity about life and a love for learning. And, it has made all the difference.

David Dye advises:

The distilled essence of leadership is that:  together we can have a better tomorrow. That better tomorrow only comes one problem at a time - and solving today’s problem is only a key that unlocks the door to tomorrow’s problems. Our self, our leadership, our strengths are only built as we work for that better tomorrow - one baby step at a time.

Susan Mazza contributes:

Responding to the opportunities that life presents can be part of how you discover your vocation.  Yet that discovery requires you have an intent to find your true path vs. living life as a series of reactions. You can have a life and a career given by happenstance, or you can choose a life and career by design.  At some point living by design requires that you choose to disrupt your status quo.  What are you choosing now?

Mary Schaefer writes:

Early in my career I was really quiet. I spoke up passionately one day in a meeting and everyone was shocked. Well, I finally had something to say. Baby steps.

Thank you Becky, Chip, David, Susan, and Mary for taking a shot at this question.

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