Chip Shots - Gift Ideas

Here at Lead Change Group, we know that problems are most effectively solved when individuals come together to meld ideas, energies, and approaches.

To use a golf analogy, not every shot is a long drive. Many times, golfers have to take a chip shot to move the ball along for a short distance, with incisive accuracy.

If you are new to the Chip Shots green, welcome. In our Chip Shots feature, our Leading Voices are invited to provide brief insights into a leadership dilemma. Our first Chip Shots post can be viewed here.

Today's Question

There is lots of gift talk this time of year.

Even though one-size-fits-all is often an inaccurate statement, what is one gift you could give each of the people you lead that would equip them for a great 2015?

Most of our Leading Voices took a shot at this question. This is what they said:

Joy Via Regifting

Chip Bell suggested a gift for re-gifting.

He asked "What if you sent someone a ten dollar bill, a gift card, a ticket to somewhere cool, a picture your child or grandchild drew, a poem you wrote, or a photo you took with the instruction that they give it to someone of their choosing?"

Your gift would say something like: "My gift to you is the feeling of joy you will receive when you share this gift with another."

Permission To Fail

Mike Henry, Sr., suggests permission to fail.

It could be given with this message: "If you're trying to do something to improve your job, our customers, or the company, this is your get-out-of-jail-free card."


Mitchell Levy and Mary Schaefer both recommend the gift of empowerment.

From Mitchell Levy: 

"I like to give the gift that embodies empowerment, leverage and time. For those working for me that are too busy, I suggest that they find 1-2 things that are mundane and can be handled by someone else and ask them to find a resource on Odesk to take care of it for them. All my folks have access to the corporate account for paying for these resources. The hiring and firing of folks on Odesk gives a level of empowerment and leverage that they didn't have before."

Mary Schaefer elaborates: 

"Empowerment is the gift of self-permission for people to be the authors of their own lives, to own their decisions and enjoy the journey."


Will Lukang  would give a gift of coaching or mentoring depending on where they are in their career. Or, a gift of free training with the goal of achieving a breakthrough via personal transformation.

"It's why my program is (#IWillAIM) always aiming to help people make breakthroughs."

Sincere Acknowledgement

Susan Mazza notes that there's a lot of obligatory giving this time of year.

"I think leaders miss the opportunity to wrap those customary gifts or bonuses with a sincere acknowledgement of not only what others have done but for who they are and what they bring to the their team that matters and truly makes a difference.  The experience of being known is an extraordinary gift that can fuel motivation and self confidence."

Healthy Communication

David Dye would give everyone the gift of healthy communication.

He says, "Regardless of your position, role, challenges, goals, or relationships, good communication makes everything better, more enjoyable, and reduces stress."

Confident Humility

Karin Hurt believes confident humility would be the most appreciated one size fits all gift. 

She further explains: "Confidence to dream big, take risks. and express their views.  Humility to truly listen, recognize opportunities for growth, and care deeply about the welfare of their team as human beings."

Building Capacity

Becky Robinson would give everyone the gift of being a part of building capacity for the company.

"I want each member of my team to be involved in creating opportunities for others by involving additional people in our work. I want each team member to multiply what they can do in the lives others. For example, when we have more graphic design work than we can handle, we invite new designers to the team and help them become successful in contributing to our work."


Jon Mertz writes that the one gift I can give each individual on my teams is time.

"It is more than just time; it is undistracted, empathetic time. And it is more than just a one-time thing. It is dedicated time each month to focus on what is working for them and what is not and how their career aspirations are being realized or challenged. Time is valuable to spend and give. By giving time, we are spending to empower and challenge an individual's work and life purpose."

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