Color Our Eggs!

Greetings to you on this Friday, April 3. Many of our Lead Change Group readers may have ducked out early as they participate in holiday observances.

Grocery stores are undoubtedly stocking up on eggs as families prepare to color them in advance of egg hunts. Dozens of white eggs, uniform in color and needing some attention to give them each an individual personality.

Looking back over our 2015 Lead Change Group posts to date, I noticed some of our own white eggs ... posts with fascinating viewpoints on leadership, management, and development. I am writing to ask your help to liven them up by commenting, sharing, or both.

Here's Our Dozen

Pete Friedes, in his article Setting Employee Expectations, says "a good manager sets expectations in six areas and then follows through." Which of the six areas resonates most with you?

Last month, we went golfing with a Chip Shots post called "When A Leader Does Not Feel Ready." In this post, David Dye asserted "you're never fully ready." We hope you're ready to share your thoughts on this topic.

David Greer in his article Living A Purposeful Vision, explains how he has a goal of getting "entrepreneurs to step into the biggest thing that is blocking them from going forward." What advice would you give someone who is struggling to live out their purposeful vision?

Mary Schaefer in her article Is Your Culture Big Enough?, asks "do you want growth or do you want to be right?" We are fishing for more thoughts on this topic. What are yours?

In January, we revisited Chery Gegelman's article Thoughts On Character-Based Leadership. She asked, "Would it surprise you to realize that our leadership needs today are the same as they were thousands of years ago?" What are your leadership needs?

Another January contribution came from Will Lukang in his article, Attitude Is Not Everything. Will said, "I still believe in attitude as key to people’s success, but I also value people who are committed to continuous learning and making it happen." What are your thoughts on the role of attitude in success?

Page Cole, in his article Your Team Needs A Mean Leader, discusses when "it pays to be mean." Be nice and give us your thoughts on the topic, okay?

In A Crisis Of Character, we looked back at Don Shapiro's observations of the poor outcomes that result when leadership is in short supply. Read over his examples of leadership challenges in government, medicine, business, and the clergy. Then, tell us about some success stories. We could use some good news.

Just as the whole Easter egg decorating production requires an interdisciplinary effort, so do almost all of our endeavors in the world. In a Chip Shots post, The Power Of Interdisciplinary Efforts, several of our leading voices discussed how interdisciplinary efforts contribute to better products and experiences for everyone. Have you seen interdisciplinary efforts thrive?

Chris Edmonds got to the core of what makes organizations tick with The Most Important Thing. Quick, if you haven't read it, what do you think is most important to make an organization run well? Now hop over to the post and learn from Chris.

David Greer sailed onto the Lead Change Group seas a second time with Synergy. He shared some fantastic ideas, such as deciding on a shared vision and facing challenges head-on, to create synergies within communities.  What do you believe has to be in place for synergy to occur?

Rounding out our dozen eggs we have John Smith's post, A Few Words About Participation Awards. Still with us? If so, here's a thank you!

But there's more! If you will be a super-participant, and help put some color in our eggs, you will be eligible for a free copy of Dare to Serve, the inspiring book by Cheryl Bachelder, CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

Here Are Your Instructions:

  1. Comment on at least three of the posts featured here. Make sure to comment on that specific post, not here on this post. AND/OR
  2. Share at least three of the posts via your social  media channels. THEN
  3. Let us know in the comments here on this post that you commented or shared

We want you to be quick as a bunny to do this, so this activity is for today only. We will check the comments section at 6:00pm ET on Friday, April 3rd, to create the pool of contenders. And thank you for helping us take our eggs from plain to technicolor.

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