Company to Community

The December 2009 Leadership Conference Call for the Lead Change Group will be a webinar on the topic of Company to Community.  David Porter of Bulls Eye Leadership ( will be our presenter.

Company To Community
Wednesday, December 16, 2009
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Eastern

Company To Community

The days of the hierarchy are dead (or at least dying). The generation in the workforce today does not want to climb the ladder; they want to be part of something greater than themselves. "Companies" exist separate from those who do the work. "Communities" embrace those who do the work and strive to facilitate an environment in which to deliver their very best.

Company to Community explores the radical change of heart and mind necessary to traverse the path to community. More importantly, it reveals why making the trek is worth it to those on your team as well as you as a leader.

Company to Community is a powerful paradigm shift that will enhance environment, create world class customer experiences and produce greater financial efficiency in the organization.

David Porter


David Porter (@BullsEyeLeader) is the President/Chief Creative Officer of BullsEye Leadership™. David has been helping business owners and managers with leadership issues for nearly two decades. Through coaching, consulting and educational resources, David helps leaders get extraordinary results by developing their skills at devising and implementing proactive, preventive and people-centric leadership in their areas of responsibility. As David says it, he helps leaders “find their target and hit their BullsEye.”

You can find out a lot more about David at or wait, just join us on the call. Please register for Company To Community the December Call of the Lead Change Group. A recording will be made available a day or so after the call (technology accommodating).


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