Contributors Call January 2011 Follow Up

What are your plans for 2011?  This is a video and slide deck of the call we had on January 6, 2011 to talk about the future of the Lead Change Group.  It is also the first of monthly calls between the Contributing Members of the group to talk about ways we plan to grow and make a difference in 2011.



What's Next

Our next Contributors call is scheduled for February 3, 2011 on the topic of Blogging Together - Leveraging Our Blog(s) to Make a Positive Difference. Save the date and stay tuned for details.

We have planed several joint activities this year to promote character-based leadership. Among those are webinars, posts and ebooks, talk-radio shows, and even video conferences. Our goal is to promote leadership that draws its influence from "who you are" rather than what position you have - character-based leadership. Care to join us?

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