Contributors Carnival February 11, 2011

The Lead Change Group is a contributor-supported leadership development community. Contributing Members commit to help build a leadership development destination on the web. They give not only their time, but also their money and expertise as well. Their contribution enables us to create a destination spot that attracts individuals wanting to further develop their leadership potential.

In support of building character-based leadership this week, our contributors wrote about the rewards of leadership, being aware of our leadership style, and disciplining ourselves to be the best leaders we can be.

On Monday, Chad Balthrop started his series on Transactional Leadership on Lead Change. Look for the remaining installments of this series on upcoming Sundays. It’s a great way to start off the week! On his blog, theFarpoint, Chad recently explored the question “What Do You See?” In it, he talks about how the “art of atta boy” is the most important resource in your strategic and tactical leadership tool chest.

Tuesday, S. Max Brown wrote about Gender, Leadership & a new term, “CSV” on Lead Change, which addressed three Harvard Business Review articles covering new leadership research that came out this month. Max’s blog gives you a sneak preview of what’s to come on his Real Recognition Radio program.

Kevin Eikenberry provided Wednesday’s post on Ten EveryDay Leadership Decisions, despite busily preparing for the launch of his new book next week. Be on the look-out for From Bud to Boss. It’s a warm and engaging read that shares the secrets to transition from a peer to a Remarkable leader. I’m still preparing my review of the book, but I definitely encourage you to read it. It contains nuggets of truth that both young and old leaders can benefit from receiving. With less than a week to go until the launch, Kevin shares some of his thoughts in “Just One Week.

Becky Robinson continued the theme by providing Thursday’s post on The Decision to Lead, despite helping Kevin prepare for the launch of From Bud to Boss. On her own blog, Becky chose to share Five details for you about the book, its related development community and her role in it.

This leadership community is filled with great minds and talents who are honestly seeking to build themselves and those around them up as character-based leaders. Whenever one of us reaches a milestone like Kevin has, it makes the rest of our hearts sing!

So, please do check out these posts and click through to the sites of other members. You can also see a list of links to all of the contributors’ blogs on the Leadership Blogs page. Our working together as a community will help attract people to the group and empower us to grow other character-based leaders.

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