Contributors Carnival February 4, 2011

The Lead Change Group is a contributor-supported leadership development community. Contributing Members commit to help build a leadership development destination on the web. They give not only their time, but also their money and expertise as well. Their contribution enables us to create a destination spot that attracts individuals wanting to further develop their leadership potential.

In support of building character-based leadership this week, our contributors wrote about the rewards of leadership, being aware of our leadership style, and disciplining ourselves to be the best leaders we can be.

Monday, Mike Henry, founder of the Lead Change Group, posted here on Lead Change. The post he shared, titled Leadership, Reward and Culture is about how when we do something for someone else, knowing that our actions cannot be repaid, we receive an immeasurable benefit in return.

On Tuesday, Georgia Feiste of Collaborative Transitions Coaching wrote about discovering your leadership style, and the place that authentic leadership has in her life. Check out her post entitled Authentic Leadership – Is This Your Leadership Style? On her blog, she recently revisited an older book by Neale Donald Walsch, called “The New Revelations,” which she writes about in Change is the Nature of Life.

Wednesday’s post was written by Sonia Di Maulo of Ready to Feedback. What You Heard Is Not What I Meant is about cultivating a discipline of clarification. On her blog, a guest blogger, Harold Thompson, shared his ideas about When Feedback is Hard to Take.

Thomas Waterhouse of Simple Encouragement posted on Thursday about The Path to Character. In this post, he writes about how character forms when it is placed under some form of healthy authority. On his own blog, a recent post explored A Place Called “Thank You.”

What we love about this leadership community is that the posts and insights that contributors share encourage all of us to lead from where we are, not from some position or power. Anyone can choose to practice character-based leadership, no matter what their position in life.

So, please do check out these posts and click through to the sites of other members. You can also see a list of links to all of the contributors’ blogs on the Leadership Blogs page. Our working together as a community will help attract people to the group and empower us to grow other character-based leaders.

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