Contributors Tribute November 12, 2010

Each week Contributing Members of the Lead Change Group post articles to help build and edify the community.  Our goal is to apply character-based leadership to make a positive difference.  These people understand that the measure of a leader or a person is what they give, not what they get.  And they each gave some of themselves this week.

To appreciate that gift, I like to share a post from each of their blogs.  Please take a moment and read these posts if you haven't already and share this post with your friends to introduce our community and our contributors to the rest of the world.

Tristan Bishop's latest post on his KnowledgeBishop's Mission blog is about accountability and how the proliferation of information on the Internet is creating a new accountability.  The freedom of social media provides new information and new responsibilities.  Go check out his post titled The Age of Accountability.

Mike Myatt's latest post over at N2Growth is about Veteran's Day.  Mike spells out very clearly three different Tributes (actually a tribute, a rant and a leadership tutorial) regarding the holiday, our relationship with the military and the definition of quality leadership.  Go check out his post titled simply Veteran's Day.

William Powell's latest post at his blog William Powell Coaching is about the US election.  Simply put, he talks about how the election process contradicts the very ideas we have for quality leadership.  Why elect people who run their campaigns in a way that reflect poor character?  It's a challenging post titled Election 2010: A Leadership Disaster.

Finally, our editor-in-chief, Jennifer Miller helped coordinate all of this great activity.  She's got a new post up at her blog, The People Equation about how an interview with a rock musician triggered some serious thought and contemplation on the topic of trust in the workplace.  (Yep, that's right!) You need to read the great post titled Rock Opera and Trust.

Next week, if all goes according to plan, watch out for posts from Lead Change rock stars Erin Schreyer, Shawn Murphy and Mandy Vavrinak.  Be sure to check in, comment and share so we can help spread leadership revolution!

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