Create a Soulful Solstice for New Beginnings

December 21 marked the winter solstice and the darkest day of the year. This is the power of the pause, a time when the earth hunkers down, when plants draw deep into the earth and shelter under mounds of dirt while drawing strength for bursting forth in spring.

What a powerful metaphor for all of us. Indeed, as we tread the threshold of a new year - after frantically closing off what remains to be done before the calendar flips and beginning to eagerly anticipate what will come over the next twelve months - we would be well advised to follow Mother Nature.

Stop. Pause. Do nothing but breathe.

Imagine what might spring forth if we ceased our busyness and merely waited. Watchful. Quiet. Contemplative. Empty. In this space of mindfulness, could we accept that the world needs us to show up? What was, is gone. The page has turned. The story has ended.

Turn aside all angers, regrets, vanities, and presumptions. In the dark, like the flower bulb, we are invited to begin again. It is time to imagine what our best and highest self could bring to our work, our families, our planet. Turn off the lights that beckon us to read news that terrifies our hearts. Turn off the television that offers little of refreshing value. Put aside the digital devices which keep our minds hopping like fleas, trying to keep up with each sound.

Gift yourself at least one hour of sitting in darkness. What new self can you bring into 2019?

You are here for a purpose. Now show up to live it.

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