Diversity Training That Changes People

When it comes to diversity, humans are fairly predictable. When we encounter others who are a different race or gender, it registers biochemically as a “stress response.” When our brain chemistry is negative, it not only creates tension but also inhibits performance.

Ralph Brandt, organizational development consultant and managing partner at RDR Group, initiated a landmark study to find out whether diversity training really changes people. RDR Group, along with a major hospital system and a prominent university, designed a workshop to look at behaviors that create “disconnects” and tend to increase cortisol. The goal? To see if there was any scientifically measurable difference in those trained to be inclusive and committed to practicing it.

Take some time to hear directly from Ralph as he shares the results of that study. Gain a better understanding of how diversity impacts your performance, and discover how diversity training with follow-up practices improves productivity and inclusion.

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