Dose of Leadership Interview

My new friend and Lead Change member Richard Rierson (@DoseOfLeader) has a great website where he interviews a bunch of really great leaders, authors and personalities. The website is called Dose of Leadership. Richard recently interviewed me for his show and I had a wonderful time. He is an engaging interviewer and we share a number of common ideas about leadership, taking responsibility and making a positive difference.

In a true Lead Change style, Richard simply started a website and asked great leadership folks like Jim Kouzes and David Allan to interview. His vulnerability and his effort resulted in 88 different interviews as of this date with great leaders like Dan Rockwell, Mike Myatt, Bob Burg, Dr. Steven Snyder, Richie Norton, Bob Lutz, Steve Forbes, Mark Sanborn, Marshall Goldsmith, and a host of others. Even if you don't check out my interview listen to some of the others. Every one I've listened to so far has been energizing and insightful!

If you get a chance, click here to listen to his interview with me. Please also take a minute and connect with Richard too!  Thanks. Mike...

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