Emotional Intelligence Call with Dr. Gloria Miele

On a conference call October 19 with other members of the Lead Change Group, I learned about the 4 categories of emotional intelligence. The main divisions are Awareness and Management in one dimension and Self and Others in the other dimension. The grid looks like this:

What quadrant would you say you naturally fell into? That will be the area you're most comfortable and where you are energized and engaged.

  • Self Awareness - understanding what's important to you, what energized and guides you.
  • Self Management - ability to order your life, priorities and manage your self to achieve your goals.
  • Social Awareness - sense or understand the emotions, motivations, feelings and intentions of others.
  • Relationship Management - ability to coordinate groups, priorities and conflict.

I'm confident I haven't described this very well at all.  I am grateful for Gloria organizing and leading the discussion and I regret my delay in posting this link.  You can hear the call at Dr. Gloria Miele's web site, Optimal Development Coaching and you can replay the broadcast here.  You can also follow Gloria on Twitter or reach out to her on LinkedIn. And, while you're on LinkedIn, check out the Lead Change Group on LinkedIn too.

What other topics would you like to discuss in our monthly calls?  Kelly Ketelboeter is organizing future calls right now and if you'll comment on topics you would like to share or learn about, I'll pass them along.  Thanks!

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