Expats: On Life & Leadership… Lessons From Around The World

As many of you know I am in the midst of preparing for the adventure of a lifetime!  (A move overseas to the ONLY place in the world my husband and I said we never wanted to live.)  A few months have passed since we were asked to do this, and we are actually getting excited about our adventure!

As we’ve been preparing for this transition, I’ve reached out to several people that have experience living outside of their home country.  Those conversations have been inspiring, thought provoking and filled with insights that apply to life, not just international moves.

This is just a sample of their wisdom:

  • “Every culture/nation has something beautiful and something vile.”  ~William Powell
  • “Stop worrying about what’s on Google or in the news reports.  Go out and form your own opinions.” ~ Alli Polin
  • “Take it for what it is and jump in with both feet!” ~ Janet George
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