Fathers Who Lead

We recently celebrated Father's Day. As we look back on that day of celebration, let’s hear it for our Father and salute those Fathers who are not only fathers but leaders. Yes, leaders of the pack.

I see more and more as an adult the importance of a father who leads. You have heard the saying, “It takes a real man to...(insert choice of responsibilities here)."

It takes a real man to be a father who is also a leader.

Could this be the answer to so many problems the world is facing? I would say one of them, yes. We need fathers who not only realize the importance of being good parents to their children, but let’s step it up a notch. Will the real leaders of home and community please stand?

I have had some good and some not so good examples of fathers that lead. Let’s keep in mind, I know we have no perfect fathers or leaders. I am talking about the fathers that know they have little ones depending on them and a community that needs them. I will call this having a strong sense of accountability.

My Version Of What Fathers Who Lead Look Like

  • Strong – Stands no matter what’s happening around him, because he knows there is a greater purpose.
  • Visionary - Maps out the plan for his family, to keep them from perishing.
  • Faithful - Holds on to his faith, so his family can see and know they are overcomes.
  • Wise - Seeks wisdom daily, he knows the importance of making right decisions for his family.
  • Loving - Always showing his family how much he loves and appreciate them and return they will show the same to others.
  • Provider - These words often come out of his mouth, “I take care of my family”.
  • Understanding & Compassionate - showing his family mistakes happen but when they do, grace is available.
  • Aware - He values the time he has with his family and use it to the fullest.
  • Accountable - Not afraid to be held accountable by others; he knows it’s only going to make him a better leader.

I have just described multiple men in my life who are fathers who lead. I am so grateful to have them in my life as well as my children's lives. I honor you fathers and appreciate your efforts to be not just a fathers but leaders.

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