Find Your Voice As A Leader

As the late Stephen Covey said, “Leadership is a choice, not a position.” So why do you choose to lead? And in today’s blaring and hectic global community, how can you ensure that your voice stands out above the rest? How do you create your unique brand of leadership that will leave a lasting and impactful legacy?

Paul Larsen, certified executive coach and an engaging leadership consultant and speaker, has developed a common-sense model to help you uncover your leadership brand and put it into action. Following his five-step VOICE model makes the difference between becoming a bland bureaucrat and a dynamic, influential role model.

Listen in as Paul breaks down the critical steps to start building your legacy as a leader. Learn how to: discover your core Values, create a compelling vision to obtain the Outcomes you want, build relationships with Influence and credibility, make decisions that reveal your Courage and confidence to take a stand, and communicate your overall Expression for lasting impact. Life is too short to not use your VOICE! What are you waiting for?

If you enjoyed this video, you may also enjoy the upcoming webinar with Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell, as they discuss the beauty of conflict for teamsOften viewed as counterproductive, dysfunctional, and a waste of time, interoffice conflict can be a headache for many leaders, and it just gets worse with everything moving online. But what if you could reframe your thinking and utilize the conflict, crisis, and change to start seeing possibility, collaboration, and innovation?

Join Susan and CrisMarie, along with Weaving Influence's Becky Robinson, on May 6th at 1 PM (ET) to learn how handling conflict head-on can spark innovation, increase trust, and build greater profit. Learn more and register here.

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