First, We Must Have a Vision

Over and over again, I talk about vision. It is what pulls us forward and keeps us going. The Miriam-Webster online dictionary defines vision as:

1)   Something seen in a dream, trance, or ecstasy; especially a supernatural appearance that conveys a revelation

2)   A thought, concept, or object formed by the imagination

3)   Unusual discernment or foresight, e.g., a visionary

 As I’m continuing to learn, however, definition does not equal meaning.

For me a vision is what we see in our heart. And, every thought comes from an image in the heart. Did you know in ancient Hebrew, the first use of the word heart appears in the verse “The Father sees the image of the thoughts of the heart”? Our culture often associates the heart with emotions such as love and kindness – or states of being. Ancient Hebrews also saw the heart as the seat of emotion. But unlike us they also saw the heart as the seat of thought whereas we see the brain as the seat of thought. To the ancient Hebrews the heart was the mind including all thoughts, as well as emotions.

What is your vision? Do you have one clearly in mind as you go about your daily life at home, at work, at worship, and at play? Can you close your eyes and share with me what you see?

An inspiring vision is what ignites your passion, and passion requires a clear unifying vision. Without it you are stumbling about in the dark. Jim Wulfeck, founder and Senior Partner of CompleteMASTERY Institute and Artisan Consulting Group, says that “purpose without vision is destructive.”

Hold that thought for a moment.

Vision needs to come from something you deeply care about. It is based on your core values, and your beliefs. It is not something you enter into lightly, nor is it easily reduced to words. It is something you profoundly feel in the very essence of your being. And, because of that, you must be sure what you are seeing is truth – and you are not deceiving yourself. You must reduce the plethora of what you think to be true and get to the core of who you are, so that you might grow.

This is purpose. It is the reason you do what you do, the reason you are created and why you exist. In order for you to grow and to fulfill that purpose you need a road map for action. And that begins with a vision that draws you forward. Goals are wrapped around that vision, and the steps needed to reach each goal leading to fulfillment of the vision can be defined and taken at just the right time.

If you are not experiencing the growth and success you hoped for, it’s time to take a step back and work on your vision. If the vision you are holding today is not working for you, how do you change it? Change the image that sits in your heart.

I heard the following in a class I am taking, ReDiscovery of the Heart, and it had such an impact on me I am sharing it with you.

 I am not responsible for the thoughts I have, I am responsible for the thoughts I keep – the images in my heart.

What is your vision? Close your eyes and tell me what you see in your heart….

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