Your Friends and Your Future

After a considerable search on the Internet, I could find the following quote attributed to several people. It seems Bill Cosby may have said it as the character Dr. Huxtable on the Bill Cosby show. It seems very much "in character." The quote: "Show me your friends and I'll show you your future."

We are affected by the people around us. To some degree, everyone exerts some influence on us.  Just look at how we let dress styles change. Also note how some areas of the world are more fit than others.  But great influence is reserved for our closest relationships.  Many people around us can create a little effect, but our friends, those we choose to associate with, have a tremendous impact on us.

A friend of mine, Scott Pearson, wrote a perceptive post titled Do Your Metrics Matter about how we measure ourselves.  His example was about cycling with a friend and how, when the two of them rode together, Scott exerted more effort.  The partner's presence alone challenged Scott to work harder and go faster than he would otherwise.  He went on to discuss metrics, and the post is good in that regard.  Please check it out and the other great content on his blog Ideation.  But it made me think...

How do your friends affect your performance as a leader?  Do your friends subtly pull you down or up?  Do they challenge you to give more or less?  Do they encourage you to grow or slow?  The people you associate with may be a more accurate determination of your future than any other factor.  So who do you chose to associate with?

It's almost been a year since we created the Lead Change Group. The organization has so many excellent, passionate, committed character-based leaders, it's difficult to avoid growing.  But we still need to be purposeful in challenging ourselves and helping others grow as leaders.  We must attempt new challenges and invest in new relationships to continue to grow as character-based leaders.

"Your friends are your future."

That's why we've introduced the Lead Change Roundtables.  In a roundtable group, you will be partnered with 5-7 other quality Lead Change members, successful leaders, committed to continued growth  and development as a leader.  For instance in a group of leadership coaches, we will each help one another refine service offerings, promote our businesses and consider collaborative endeavors.  In a group of middle managers, we will help each other with issues relating to our teams, our peers, our leaders and our customers.  Each month we'll have two 2-hour video calls where members will discuss their goals, accomplishments and issues and help one another grow as a character-based leader.  Each participant will be encouraging each other to pull together and help one another overcome obstacles, take advantage of new technologies and methods, deepen relationships and drive through to tangible leadership growth and achievement. You will reach new heights and have greater impact in your sphere of influence.  Your business and your impact will grow dramatically.  Click the image or contact us to find out more.

Will this be a year of growth, a plateau or a downhill coast?  What type of difference will you make in your own life and in the lives of a few others?

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