From Idea to Action: 7 Steps to Getting Unstuck

Have you ever had a really great idea, something you just knew you should do, yet somehow you did not act on it?

Perhaps you even wrote it down while sincerely thinking to yourself, "I am going to do this." It may have been sparked while you were in a meeting, attending a seminar, reading a book or article, or during great conversation with a colleague or coach. At the time you were excited by having had one of those “aha” moments, or the feeling that you just had a spark of brilliance.

Then, somehow, what seemed so significant in that moment fades away. Perhaps it got buried in a mountain of paperwork and was forgotten until you come across it while clearing your desk months later. The idea may even continue to cross your mind once in a while. Only now, instead of excitement, that same idea evokes irritation because you let the idea and the inspiration to do it fade away... Read More

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