Guest Posting for Lead Change Group

About once a week, I get a request to guest post on the Lead Change Group website. You may have decided to read this post because you've considered the very same idea, or I may have sent you to it in an email response.

You can't do it. We don't allow guest posts.

Wasn't that easy? Sound extreme? Let me explain.

We believe leadership is changing. A revolution is underway.

Revolutions divide. Either you're for the revolution or you're against it. There is no middle ground; no innocent bystanders; no non-combatants. Either you believe leadership comes from who-you-are or you don't. We call character-based leadership leading from who you are, and not from your power or position. Your actions don't make you a leader.  Who you are defines your leadership, not your position, wealth, or your ability to coerce or manipulate. Pretty simple, right?

If you agree, you're one of us, and you're welcome to write. Simply register as a free member of this group and complete this form and we'll send you the latest iteration of the blog guidelines. Of course we retain rights to use the content you publish here on the blog. Also we ask that your actual word-for-word content must be first published on the Lead Change blog (unless you want to become an Instigator, and then we'll link to your content elsewhere on the web).  We reserve the right to decline your stuff if we'd rather not post it or if it needs major editing, it must not appear to us to be a sales pitch, and it should be about leadership. More details are in the Blog Guidelines document we'll send you.

Writing for Lead Change is a great way to associate yourself with the revolution.  So if you believe you have something to say and you agree with the idea that leadership comes from the inside, please join us and write. Please add to the dialogue.  Your post will sharpen us as we sharpen each other.

Also, the most engaging people are often very engaged already. So consider sharing and commenting on other posts and the other authors will likely comment and share yours too. At the time of this writing, we get around 1200 visits a business day. So don't just write, share, comment and share some more. The whole world knows leadership is changing. They just don't know what to do about it. If you have ideas, interested people will connect.

This leadership revolution is global and huge. We want to organize the combatants and mobilize people who share our ideals.

So now you know why we don't allow guest posts. There are no "guests." You're either in or out. Which is it?

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