Highlighting Our August Sponsor: Launchbox365

We are elated to have Launchbox365 as our Lead Change Group sponsor for August! Launchbox365 helps companies and individuals achieve bold success through applying their expertise in cross-generational issues to help organizations bridge the gap between managers and their Gen Y workforce to increase employee engagement, productivity, innovation and profits.

Dan Negroni, Launchbox365 Founder, says, "Our ability to attract, train, manage, and retain this next generation of leaders is critical to the future success of our businesses, but a huge and damaging connection, communication, and understanding gap exists between non-millennials and millennials in our workplaces."

Launchbox365 provides several uniquely positioned services in order to help organizations bridge the gap between managers and the GenY workforce. Here are highlights of their offerings:

Chasing Relevance

Chasing Relevance is a book designed to "create next generation leaders today." Praised by respected leadership thinkers such as Ken Blanchard, Keith Ferrazzi, and Jeffrey Hayzlett, the book provides a step-by-step framework that teaches you how to bust through cross-generational issues to find your own relevance to truly understand, engage and maximize your millennial employees and customers.

Corporate Programming and Coaching

Launchbox365 helps organizations and individuals "bridge the gap" through corporate programs, coaching, and peer networking groups. For example, the Launch365 proprietary learning and coaching system allows an organization's employees to continue learning and growing long after the initial workshop. It allows them to apply their new knowledge and skills to real workplace situations, and internalize their learnings to maximize the impact for your organization.

Blog and Research

The Launchbox365 blog contains informative articles, insights and tips to help managers increase employee engagement, productivity and results, and to help individuals achieve personal and professional success. One of our favorite recent posts taps into the current PokémonGO craze: 2 Big Reasons Why PokémonGO Struck Gold & Can Help You Understand Millennial Customers and Employers.

The Chasing Relevance Webinar

Dan Negroni of Launchbox365 will be conducting a free webinar on Tuesday, August 23, at noon ET! The goals of the webinar are for participants to learn:

  • The key trends that define the millennial generation.
  • Steps to bridge the generational gap between youth and experience.
  • How to deliver value to connect with your customers and employees.
  • How to stay relevant in a crazy, fast-changing world.

Register for the webinar by clicking here.

We are excited about the impact of your organization, its services, your webinar, and your book on organizations who seek to "bridge the gap," Dan and Launchbox365 group. Thank you for your support of the Lead Change Group!

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