Highlighting Our November Sponsor: Remote Leadership Institute

We are thrilled to have the Remote Leadership Institute as our Lead Change Group sponsor for November! The Remote Leadership Institute (RLI) helps remote leaders succeed in a virtual workplace. The RLI team believes that what successful leaders must do hasn’t changed over the years. What’s changed is how they must do it. While technology has made it easier than ever to stay connected, it has also made the leader’s job that much more complex. RLI exists to help organizations and leaders understand and succeed despite these changes.

Going to War Against the Email Monster

Although RLI has many great initiatives underway such as their Remote Leadership Certificate series, they want the Lead Change Group community to join them front and center in the war against the email monster!

RLI asks, "Considering it’s [email] used more than any other single communication tool (other than our own voices), it must be incredibly popular, right?"

We can hear you shaking your head "no" behind your screen. 

A majority of people hate email. Factors like this led RLI to lead the charge against it:

  • There are 2.9 billion email accounts on the planet.
  • Worldwide, there are an estimated 210 billion email messages (personal and work-related) sent each day.
  • Approximately 78% of those messages are considered “spam” or unwelcome marketing.
  • The average office email account receives 122 emails a day.
  • The average email “inbox” contains 125 messages at any given time.
  • The top three complaints of office workers, according to multiple studies are:
    • The volume of email received at work
    • The lack of productivity due to constant interruptions and demands of email
    • The amount of time spent on email outside agreed-upon working hours
  • The average white-collar worker spends between one-third to one-half of the day in email- related activities.
  • 83% of workers say their job would be “impossible” without email, so it’s not like it’s going away any time soon.

RLI realizes just how damaging email can be to our productivity and success. That's why they created a white paper, Stop Email Overload: 3 Simple Steps to Tame the Email Monster! that will provide you:

  • Simple, efficient, and valuable techniques for organization email
  • How to write clear, concise, and effective emails
  • And much more!

Getting the white paper is as simple as clicking here.

More about the Remote Leadership Institute

Once you've got that email monster tamed, we do encourage you to explore RLI's other offerings. In addition to the Remote Leadership Certificate series mentioned above, their virtual instructor-led courses include How to Create and Manage Remote Teams, Goal Setting and Accountability for Remote Teams, and Coaching and Feedback from a Distance. Many of these courses qualify for PDUs from the Project Management Institute and/or Continuing Education Credits for organizations like the Society for Human Resource Management. RLI also brings their coursework to organizations when that is the best fit.

You can find RLI via their website, on Twitter as @leadingremotely, on LinkedIn, and on Facebook.

Thank you again, Remote Leadership Institute, for your support of the Lead Change Group!

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