Highlighting Our October Sponsor: Next Element

We are grateful to have Next Element as our Lead Change Group sponsor for October! Next Element is a global advisory firm specializing in leadership communication. They have built an international reputation for establishing “what’s next” in the interpersonal communication field. In addition, they have enjoyed remarkable success on the world stage as Process Communication Model® leaders and pioneers.

Next Element’s Leading Out of Drama® model for positive conflict is rapidly gaining traction worldwide as the next frontier for global leadership. Using this and other transformative communication strategies, Next Element equips leaders with influence to affect positive change in the environments where they are at work. Here is additional detail about their areas of work:

Next Element's Core Values

While we are excited about Next Element's products, we also sense a strong alignment with their core values:

Compassionate Accountability, including creating environments of safety, curiosity, and consistency

The Platinum Rule, including a focus on understanding individual needs

Living Our Tools, incorporating positive interactions in all relationships

Outcomes Measurement, emphasizing the connections between improved self-efficacy, change and achievement

A Community of Support and Development, prioritizing a commitment to whole-person wellness, integrity and competence

The Core Values are Infused Throughout the Core Tools

Leading Out of Drama® is a curriculum which helps leaders transform the interpersonal and group dynamics that sabotage morale, engagement, and productivity.

The Drama Resilience Assessment™ (DRA™) is a confidential diagnostic tool with report and personalized action plan to help users lead out of drama.

The Process Communication Model® is an internationally acclaimed, highly reliable, behaviorally based communication model used ot individually tailor connection and motivation an build trust and rapport.

NEOS® measures changes in self-efficacy or belief in one's ability to respond to various life conditions. It's the world's first context-sensitive efficacy outcomes system.

MyNE is a convenient, secure relationship portal for Next Element network providers. It is one of many support services Next Element offers to help build confidence and competence.

Conflict Without Casualties

Nate Regier, CEO and Co-Founder of Next Element, has just released Conflict Without Casualties, a book that will transform both the way you see and feel about other people and the way you approach conflict and accountability. In it, he brings us the collective intelligence of Next Element to help readers replace the unrealistic, sometimes punishing, even crushing demands we exact on both our colleagues and loved ones with openness, resourcefulness and persistence.

Conflict Isn't the Problem: A Webinar

On Tuesday, October 18, at 1 pm ET, join Nate Regier and Becky Robinson to discuss Next Element's principles, to learn more about Conflict Without Casualties, and:

  • How to detect and decode drama in yourself and others.
  • How conflict can be a creative force.
  • Three core competencies for compassionate accountability.
  • The formula for compassionate conflict.

To register (it's free!), click here.

Nate Regier says, "Leading self and others out of drama with compassionate accountability starts and ends with emotional responsibility." We are energized by your approach, Nate and team, and excited to share the month of October with you.

Thank you again, Nate and Next Element, for your support of the Lead Change Group!

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