How To Promote Yourself Without Being Annoying

Have you ever felt any of the following ways? You want the job, but you feel uncomfortable putting yourself out there.

Or you know you could do more at work, but you don't want to look like you're one of those self-promoting types.

Or maybe you've started blogging but don't want to be too pushy about your content. After all, your work should speak for itself, right?

Or maybe you begin to doubt yourself. "If I were really that good, I wouldn't have to work so hard at positioning."

If you've ever felt that way about positioning, you're not alone. Many managers I work with would rather have their boss or someone else do their positioning for them. The truth is, if you're not deliberate in positioning yourself as a brand, you're going to lose out to someone who is.

Tips For Promoting Yourself, Without Being Annoying

If the thought of promoting yourself makes you break out in hives, consider these tips.

  • Be Confident In Your Product - If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, your customer won’t either. Make a list of your features and benefits. What truly differentiates you? What's your unique value proposition? If this step feels too hard, ask some trusted advisers to help.
  • Create Genuine Connection - Relating on a human level and demonstrating that you truly care is much more important than any positioning technique. Work to connect with people and get to know them as human beings. If you're looking for new ways to create genuine connection, sign up for my Free 5-Day Video Challenge.
  • Be Truly Humble - Confidence without humility is annoying. False humility or stupid self-deprecating remarks will also make them gag.
  • Ask Great Questions - Find out more about what's really needed in the situation you're approaching. Help them clarify their vision based on their scene, not what you've got to give. Listen more than you talk.
  • Focus On Helping - Work to find creative solutions that solve people's problems. Help without any expectation of reciprocity. Help people who you think can't possibly help you. Connect others who can help one another. It's tough to be annoyed with someone who's just trying to help.
  • Don't Sell Past The Close - Once the customer says yes, say thank you, and wrap it up. Don't keep talking.