How You Learn is How You Live

Being a lifelong learner is one of the secrets to happiness and success. When people acquire new skills, master new capabilities, and become more mature, their personal and professional lives are enhanced. But what’s the best way for each of us to do that?

David Kolb and Kay Peterson, authors of How You Learn is How You Live, make the pioneering Kolb Experiential Learning theory accessible and available to everyone who wants to continue developing throughout life. They offer deep, research-based insights into the ideal process of learning that can guide you in identifying your dominant style.

Join them for an hour-long discussion and discover how knowing your learning style can help you with all kinds of everyday challenges, from remembering someone’s name to adding a crucial professional skill to your repertoire. Listen in as they discuss how an ideal process of learning is also the way you change, make decisions, solve problems, and innovate. You will learn how to identify your unique learning style, and how to build flexibility in all nine learning styles to face any situation more effectively.

If you enjoyed this video, you may also enjoy our upcoming webinar with Judy Douglass, global speaker and author of multiple books, as she explores what it means to truly love a prodigal. If you’ve ever experienced loving a prodigal, you know it’s a long and desperate journey. Your life becomes filled with fear, worry, anger, and shame. Waiting for a phone call or for them to return home leaves you feeling hopeless and pleading with the Lord.

Join Judy and Becky Robinson on September 18th to hear fresh perspective on how God intends to use this journey to mold your spiritual life. Judy Douglass has loved a prodigal herself, making her perspective uniquely powerful. Learn more and register here.

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