Ignite Development Potential: Transform the IDP Conversation

For organizations and leaders wishing to transform their development processes into something truly game-changing, the underlying challenge involves replacing perfunctory processes with dynamic and opportunity-filled dialogue. The key is turning the Individual Development Planning (IDP) process into an engaging interaction—and maybe even a celebration—that inspires reflection, discovery, exchange of ideas, motivation, and growth.

Bev Kaye and Julie Winkle-Giulioni, authors of Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go, will be building on ideas from their book during this hour-long webinar. During the webinar, you will learn how Individual Development Planning (and the relationships that are the byproduct of it) helps leaders succeed because it actively supports their employees’ success.

Listen in as Bev Kaye and Julie Winkle-Giulioni have an interactive discussion about the (often forgotten but essential) IDP process.


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