There are more people living alone than at any time in history, and more depression than ever recorded. Violence continues to cast long shadows across generations. We are fragmented to the point of vile speech and hate crimes based on false divisions. This shows up in daily life as alienation, conflict with strangers and intimates, and a general sense of disconnection.

In this hour-long video, Christine Mason, author of Indivisible, explores the art and practice of putting connection first. She considers questions like: Why are unity and connectedness so important in our organizations and communities? What prevents people from being connected? What are some systemic and practical steps people can take to be more connected to others? What are the results we can expect if we connect more effectively with others?

Take some time to listen in as Christine discusses how the answers to these questions are found in our culturally learned disconnection - the false belief that we are separate or in competition, or valued for how we perform, when in actuality we are deeply interconnected and never alone. You'll learn how to tap into your incredible ability to learn and grow; and discover how to change your heart, mind, and habits to create a new way of being.

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