Instigating a Leadership Revolution

We've spoken before about the idea that LeadChange is an open-source leadership community.  At our first un-conference, LeaderPalooza, we sourced the agenda, the discussions, and follow up activities from the group itself.  No one came to hear others speak and no one got a binder to remind them what they should be doing.  We accept responsibility for our part of re-engineering leadership in our world and we committed to one another to take meaningful action to make a difference.


We challenged ourselves with the idea of instigating a movement.  (Susan Mazza, team linguist, is credited with the "instigator" term, and it stuck.) We don't want to waste our energy talking about leadership transformation; we want to instigate it! We will do what we can to make it happen.  We choose to approach the challenge as if it depends on us.  We know many are working to re-form leadership and the effort is coming from many walks of life with slightly different terminology.  This isn't a competition, it's a war.  If we argue about who is more "right," we will continue to suffer under self-centered, short-sighted leadership.  There is no one group that is first any more than one group more right.  There will not be one solution.  The leadership transformation we're talking about will require hundreds of movements! Maybe more.

Individually, we each commit to begin the change.  Character-based leadership begins with us.


Our first deliverable: The LeadChange Revolution (ebook). This contains our thoughts and reflections on LeaderPalooza and the challenge to take up the fight for character-based leadership.  Our definitions are all slightly different; the goal is very complex.  But we know bad, ego-centered leadership when we see it and we're against it.  We choose to instigate.  This ebook encapsulates our thoughts on the LeadChange group, the LeaderPalooza un-conference, and the movement(s) we foresee.  Everyone who was at the conference contributed.  Monica Diaz (@monedays) is responsible for the wonderful graphic presentation.

So check out the e-book.  You can download it here.

Please click over to Join the Leadership Revolution to provide comments or discover other ways to take part in the revolution.  We want to make a difference applying character-based leadership.  We know it starts with us.  We committed to one another to make real progress in the coming months.  

Care to join us?

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