June 2020 Leadership Development Carnival

Welcome to the June 2020 Leadership Development Carnival! We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, development, engagement, motivation, productivity, team building, and more.


Marcia Reynolds of Covisioning Transformational Leadership provided How to Revive a Brain Attacked by Stress. Marcia shares: "Brains shut down when attacked by stress. New ideas are resisted and decisions delayed. This post shares how leaders can use a coaching approach to revive brains before talking about goals and plans." Connect with Marcia on Twitter at @marciareynolds

Liz Weber of Weber Business Services contributed Marry Your Values to Your New Work Culture. Liz writes: "As you refine your organization’s current work culture, whether remote or in-person, don’t forget to marry this new culture to your organization’s values. Don't miss these 5 reasons why it's important and how to respond when employees don't follow the guidelines." Connect with Liz on Twitter at  @lizwebercmc.

Eileen McDargh shared Faced with Loss, Managers Must Understand Context. Eileen explains: "Now more than ever, managers need to heed close attention to the individual concerns of team members. The anxiety of an employee who is a single mother with two children will be different than the anxiety of an older employee who is a few years short of retirement." Connect with Eileen on Twitter at @macdarling.

Diana Peterson-More contributed Communication How-to's for Virtual Meeting Participants. Diana explains: "In this era of COVID-19 virtual meetings abound. It is likely they will become part of the "new normal," given the efficiency, reduced travel, and enhanced productivity they bring. To avoid virtual miscommunications. misunderstandings and hurt feelings, this blog focuses on important tips to follow while participating in these virtual meetings." Find Diana on Twitter at @DianaPMAuthor.

David Grossman of The Grossman Group provided Combating Video Conference Fatigue While Working from Home. David shares: "Video conference fatigue is becoming increasingly common as more people work from home during COVID-19 and rely on video for face-to-face connection. Find out how to combat video conference fatigue and be more present. " Follow David on Twitter at @ThoughtPartner.


Mark Brown contributed The World Has Been On Solo. Mark writes: "Covid-19 has brought much of the world to a common place for perhaps the first time. As human beings, we have been on pause, on our "solo." But the greatest challenges are still before us. " Connect with Mark on Twitter at @MarkMBrown1.

Bill Treasurer of Giant Leap Consulting provided Creative Leadership Inspires Inventive Results. Bill explains: "There are plenty of clock punchers out there—folks who are physically working but mentally retired. Elevating people to higher standards of performance and inspiring useful ideas requires igniting their imaginations." Follow Bill on Twitter at @btreasurer.

Mary Schaefer, Chief Encouragement Officer at Large, shared Nothing is Forever. Thank Goodness. Mary writes: "Whether you check in with yourself regularly and clean the clutter of your mind, or stumble upon an old grievance as I did, you can always let it go. You don’t even have to tear down a building to move on." Find Mary on Twitter at @MarySchaefer.

Ken Byler of Higher Ground Consulting Group contributed Managing Change. Ken writes: "Change is a topic that has many layers and dimensions. Leaders are currently trying to manage a host of changes sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our ability to adapt and learn through this time of uncertainty will determine how strong and healthy we are when the crisis ends." Connect with Ken on Twitter at @kenbyler.


John Spence shared A Survey of CEOs: Navigating the Pandemic. John writes: "The results of a survey I did to a global group of CEOs of businesses from $3 million to $4 billion on what the are learning from the pandemic." Find John on Twitter at @AwesomelySimple

Paul LaRue of The Upwards Leader contributed How Leaders Create Poor Employee Performance. Paul writes: “When employee performance drops it’s natural to assume the issue lies with the individual. Before addressing, leaders should examine their contributions towards the lagging performance.” Connect with Paul on Twitter at @paul_larue.

Marcella Bremer of Positive Culture provided Culture and Leadership during and after Corona. Marcella considers: "Now is the time to develop the Culture! Look for the positive individuals and teams in your organization - and learn from them. Build trust and relationships - and start developing your shared, meaningful purpose. What can you do?" Follow Marcella on Twitter at @MarcellaBremer.

Joel Garfinkle of the Career Advancement Blog shared How to Enhance others' Perception of you at Work. Joel summarizes: "The three steps of the PVI model build upon one another, so you need to implement them in order. Here, we’ll delve into step one: honing in on the art of influencing perception at work." Find Joel on Twitter at @JoelGarfinkle.

Chris Edmonds of The Purposeful Culture Group provided Culture Leadership Charge: Instead of Crisis Planning, Do This. In this video post, Chris shares: "As leaders, we can no longer arrange our thinking and actions around crisis planning. Crisis planning runs on adrenaline and an unspoken assumption that this is a short-term challenge. Here are five steps we can take to shift perspective, turn the corner emotionally and intellectually, and build strong, enduring systems." Follow Chris on Twitter at @scedmonds.

Shelley Row of Insightful Leadership shared Four Tips to Manage Your Energy in a Virtual Environment. Shelley considers: "Meeting after meeting after virtual meeting. It’s exhausting. Have you noticed that meeting online all day is more exhausting than if you were meeting in person? Here are ways you can manage your energy as you adapt to a primarily virtual environment." Connect with Shelley on Twitter at @shelleyrow.

Karin Hurt and David Dye of Let's Grow Leaders provided 7 Ways to Encourage Creative Thinking in Your Team. Karin and David share: "When we talk with leaders who wish their team were more creative, we often find that they unintentionally stifle creativity. With a few shifts in how you lead, you can cultivate a more creative environment and encourage creative thinking in your team." Follow them on Twitter at @letsgrowleaders.

Mary Ila Ward of Horizon Point Consulting shared DWYSYWD- Lessons from the Elementary School Guidance Counselor. Mary writes: "During times of uncertainty like we are in now, it is easy to de-commit to anything and to not hold ourselves and others accountable. One of the first things we teach in our personal leadership course is the concept of DWYSYWD- Do What You Say You Will Do. If we can’t influence our own behavior, then how can we expect to influence the behavior of others?" Find Mary on Twitter at @maryilaward.


Julie Winkle Giulioni shared What is Certain During These Uncertain Times. Julie explains: "Leaders are in a powerful position to take the ‘un’ out of ‘uncertainty’. They can help employees find the stability and security required to navigate the ambiguity that will likely be with us for some time. This may be as simple as shifting the focus to what is certain and can be counted on. This article suggests how to do this." Follow Julie on Twitter at @julie_wg.

Lisa Kohn of Chatsworth Consulting Group contributed How to do what matters as a leader – the top ten things you must do now. Lisa shares: "In the post, How to do what matters as a leader – the top ten things you must do now, Lisa Kohn of Thoughtful Leaders Blog shares a top ten list of leadership behaviors – behaviors that matter no matter the moment and that matter even more now." Connect with Lisa on Twitter at @ThoughtfulLdrs.

Laura Schroeder of Working Girl provided Balancing Tech and Culture in the Digital Age. Laura shares: "With so many teams working at home, keeping people engaged and connected is a top priority. Online conferencing and collaboration tools are helping us keep the lights on, but rising evidence suggests ubiquitous online interactions have a concerning psychological downside. Looking into the not so distant future, how can organizations create a more resilient and human-centric workplace?" Connect with Laura on Twitter at @workgal.

Steve DiGioia contributed How Businesses Can Put Their Customers at Ease During Covid-19. Steve writes: "Great customer service is comprised of many things. Besides policies and procedures which lead to a satisfied customer, your smile, positive words, and open body language are just as important. Here are 3 simple ways businesses can put their anxious customers at ease who have been housebound for too long. " Find Steve on Twitter at @stevedigioia.

Katrin Ratassepp contributed Psychological Aspects of Safety and Contracts, Rooted in Trust. In this post, Katrin explains: "By maintaining an active psychological contract and a psychologically safe environment, employees will have the freedom to inform supervisors and managers of potential issues and concerns, and the organization will manage this new normal much better than those that don’t have a solid foundation of trust." Connect with Katrin on Twitter at @group_cannon.


Jim Taggart of Changing Winds shared Strong Leaders Initiate Action—Do Something! Jim considers: "Franklin Delano Roosevelt saw a problem and a need in 1932. And he did something, with the assistance of competent advisors and cabinet secretaries, when he took office in March 1933. If you’re a leader, regardless of level and industry, and see a problem, big or small…Do something!" Follow Jim on Twitter at @72keys.

Randy Conley of Leading with Trust shared If You Build It, They Will Come - 4 Characteristics of Trustworthy Leaders. Randy shares: "If you build trust with your team, they will come to you with their ideas, feedback, and full commitment and energy. In this baseball-themed post, Randy Conley details the four characteristics of trustworthy leaders." Connect with Randy on Twitter at @RandyConley.

Priscilla Archangel of Archangel & Associates provided Recognizing Emotions: Preparing to Return to the Workplace. Priscilla writes: "As employers continue to develop their plans to call employees back into the workplace, it’s important to understand that emotional considerations marked by uncertainty and insecurity will be present. Employees will bring emotions related to their experiences, adjustments, and personal needs over the past three months. Leaders and teams may benefit from a discussion prior to re-entry using the following questions as a guide." Follow Priscilla on Twitter at @PrisArchangel

And More...

Dan McCarthy of Great Leadership provided How Leaders Can Fix a Negative Company Culture. Dan summarizes: "Chris Dyer (guest) gives leaders advice on how to repair a broken company culture." Connect with Dan on Twitter at @greatleadership

Anne Perschel of Germane Coaching & Consulting shared Coaching Leaders through Covid19 - How to Avoid My Big Mistake. Annie writes: "Coaching leaders through Covid-19 requires being aware of our assumptions and mental models; quieting the mind and listening generously, more so than ever. Not doing these things led to my BIG mistake" Find Anne on Twitter at @bizshrink.

Neal Burgis of Successful Solutions contributed Business Leaders Navigating the New Normal. Neal explains: "Due to the ever-shifting landscape and changes in strategy, leaders must constantly give clear direction to your employees as this is now an entirely new game to play. Living in the “Temporary New Normal” is going to be constantly changing." Follow Neal on Twitter at @exec_solutions.

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