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Did you see the movie or read the book, The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall? In it the main character, Jason, goes to a Central American nation that I don't recall to help out with a project that his father was involved in. The project was a library. Jason is a bUltimate Giftit jaded when he shows up to a grass-roof building that contains very few books. Jason thinks it's not much of a library.

"This place is made up mostly of empty shelves.  There's only a handful of books here," he observed.

The librarian smiled and explained, "All of the books are being read by people in our village and for miles around. Your great-uncle told us when he gave us this library that books don't do any good sitting on the shelf." (Ultimate Gift © 2001 Jim Stovall, pg. 66)

This may be one of the ways we convict ourselves in our wealth. We have so many books, that they sit on shelves. How many bibles do you own? When was the last time you read it, much less did what it said?

In an effort to do something about that, we're going to learn leadership a bit like Abraham Lincoln did; we're going to read. However to help one another, we're going to also get on a call once a week and discuss what we're reading. Our first book is Linchpin by Seth Godin. The calls are Wednesday's at 5 PM Eastern. Care to join us? To participate in the talk, you can dial in or access the show from the BlogTalkRadio show page where you can talk or just listen in.  It's up to you.   And if you miss the call, you can still listen to the discussion over there.

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Finally, if you think we missed something, feel free to comment below. We'll address it. The only way we grow is by sharing. Join us?