Leaders Invest in People

Great leaders invest in people. Investing in others creates margin and return. We know the intrinsic benefit of helping someone who can't help us back. Some call it serendipity, some call it luck and others call it divine intervention, but there is an equilibrium that occurs. Investors create an asset, an account receivable, by putting value into others. We all know this internally. That's why we give to charities and to non-profits. That's why we support causes. We know it works that way.

Give More Than You Take

But most of us have areas where we tend to take more than we give. Left to ourselves, we become paranoid and self-focused. If there is no one else around to focus on, our nature tends to become more selfish. There are exceptions, I know. But in my experience with people I've seen this over and over again. Others expand our vision and our horizon. Other people force us to think about something other than ourselves.

Investing Builds Community

The act of investing in others builds community. Community or common unity is a place where everyone is connected to each other by something more than geography. When we understand the affect of our actions and when we have the attitude of creating our life rather than reacting to it, we become mutual investors. A community of peers investing in one another is a joy. You can't wait to be around those friends because they always invest in you. But if you always go looking for them to invest in you, eventually they won't be there. You must engage for the purpose of investing. They will then be looking for you! You make yourself and your community more valuable by giving yourself away, not by hoarding, reacting and consuming.

Community of Investors = Culture

As a result, great leaders create a culture of leadership by their investment. They model the behavior that builds relationships, and relationships fuel achievement. Investors follow one another too. People are challenged to invest by the investment of others. Have you ever noticed how winning leaders attract winning leaders? Great people are revealed by the investment of others. Most of us need a hand up. We need some help. We need people to take some risk and invest in us. Great people, and not-so-great people, are revealed by the investment. You never know how truly great someone might be, until you invest.

Great people are revealed by the investment of others.

You may know an exception, but how many truly self-made leaders are there these days?  Many people have challenged their environment, against tremendous odds, with little help or resources. But few would tell you they didn't need or want the help.  We all know the value of others investing in us.  We all know and want the investment.  Become the investor and apply that principle to discover the truly great around you.

So What?

Where (or in whom) do you need to increase your investment? Where are you becoming selfish and weak? Where are you reacting more and inventing less? Your investment may be as simple as a thank you, or as complex as a change in your lifestyle. Don't let another day pass without examining your portfolio and adjusting your investments to create results. Your community, your sphere of influence is counting on you!

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