Leadership Character Episode 1 Leading Yourself

As members of this group can attest, there are several types of leadership.  We've written before about good leadership, and benevolent tyrants and we speak often of what we call character-based leadership.  When you lead from who-you-are rather than your position or power, you're a character-based leader.

So when we decided to launch a webinar series for the Contributing Members of the group, we wanted to start with what we feel is the most important single leadership ability: Leading Yourself.  This is Episode 1 of the Leadership Character series.  Monica Diaz will be presenting a webinar this Tuesday at 3 PM Eastern on the first and last responsibility of any leader, that of Leading Yourself.  An effective character-based leader must constantly be working on their character, developing, growing and continuously improving in the area of self-leadership.

Monica Diaz is one of the initial Contributing Members of the group and she is the Owner of Quidam Global and author of Otheresteem: Regaining the Power to Value Others. She is also one of the Instigators, members of the group who attended LeaderPalooza 2010 and one of the authors of The LeadChange Revolution ebook.

Since this is episode 1, we're opening this up to all of the members of the group.  Space is limited.

You can Register Now or take your chances and just connect to the call at this link. But don't miss it.  This is the start of something special!

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