Leadership Character Webinar Episode 3 Influence – Leading Up

"Leading UP - Put the Straw Away."

Episode 3 of the Leadership Character Webinar Series is presented by Jane Perdue (@thehrgoddess).  It will be offered on September 21, 2010 at 3 PM Eastern.

One of the definitions for “leader” in the World English Dictionary is “a person who rules, guides, or inspires others.” Other words commonly used to describe what a leader does include inform and influence.  Considering these definitions within the context of an organization, one can lead down, across and up.

Following in the footsteps of Michael Useem (who coined the phrase) and John Baldoni, “Leading Up – Put the Straw Away” is the topic for the September Leadership Character webinar.  Jane Perdue, CEO, The Braithewaite Group, will facilitate, sharing situational and behavioral insights on how to interact with – lead! – the senior team of an organization.

This webinar is for Supporting and Contributing members of the Lead Change Group.  If you don't see the link below, you're either not logged in or you're not a Contributing member.

[labprotect (Contributor)]On September 21, 2010 at 3 PM Eastern, click this link to join the webinar.  Or, you can register in advance here (password - perdue).[/labprotect]

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