Leadership Conversations Interview

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Lead Change author Tal Shnall (member profile, web, Twitter, Google+) this past weekend.  Tal joined Lead Change after connecting with the Authentic Leadership Dallas bunch that includes Jon Mertz and Erin Schreyer.

Tal is a natural interviewer and it was exciting to be one of his early Google+ hangout interviews. If you're not connected with Tal, please reach out to him and also be watching as he interviews others.  The online leadership community and the Lead Change Group are filled with interesting leadership personalities, each with a unique story. We all bring our character to the dialogue.

Thanks very much to Tal for the interview and to Jon for the connection and the Google+ Lead Change community.  Click here to see the interview.  And please take a minute to leave a comment, follow his blog or join us on Google+.  Everything we do helps mobilize others to make a positive difference.