Leadership Play Dough – Top 10 Ingredients

Expectations of our leaders are increasing.   Ethical and value-centered leadership seems to be the emerging priority across the globe.  The world needs leaders who can pull it from the current state of chaos with clear vision, great emotional intelligence, and thinking skills. For me, together with unity-conscious beliefs, therein lies the skills of congruent leadership.

For individuals; the raw material of those three skills creates our reality.  How you imagine your life to be; what you focus and think about the most; or indeed how broadly you may think, and how emotionally you navigate life, filtered through our beliefs are the play dough of life.

For a leader those skills, if used purposefully and with awareness, can collectively create the reality of a nation. If that nation is a world leader, then the potential is staggering.

Of course, vision, emotional intelligence and thinking skills are all to no avail when the belief system those skills are filtered through is somewhat blinkered, limiting or biased.  If however the leader’s belief system is centred on unity consciousness then their intentions are for the greater good of all.

If you put all of those elements into a pot, then you have the ingredients for all possibilities, and a chance to shape the world, the organization, or the team anyway you want.  They are the play dough of true leadership, and if done well, can change the world for the better.   Here is a summary of what I believe are the top 10 ingredients which could enable a leader to shape the world for the better.

Leadership Play Dough Recipe


3 basic beliefs:

  • We are all equally as valuable
  • There is only love or fear of love
  • We can create our reality

3 components of vision:

  • Anything is possible
  • Our vision is for the greater good of all
  • What we can imagine we can create

2 parts emotional intelligence:

  • Our emotions are a guidance system not a result
  • Emotions help us learn who we really are

2 pieces of thinking wisdom:

  • We are not our thoughts, we can change them
  • Thinking and what we focus our thought upon creates our world

Preparation Method:

  1. Find the problem and develop a solution based on the 3 basic beliefs.
  2. Create a vision which involves the 3 components
  3. Flexibly navigate our way through using 2 parts of Emotional intelligence and 2 pieces of thinking wisdom

What other ingredients would you add to the mix and do you have a different preparation methodology?  If so, do please comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

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