Leading and The Power of Starting Something Stupid

Have you ever had a wild idea? Have you ever ventured out on something everyone else you knew thought was a crazy idea? Do you remember the phrase, "crazy like a fox"?

I believe you have had many wild ideas. Some you simply discarded as irrational whether they were or not. Many simply faded into distant memory. But one or two (or more) just won't go away. They seem crazy, even stupid, but they won't go away. I can list mine and I bet you can list yours, can't you?

The Catalyst

powerofstupidMy stupid ideas inspired me to jump at the chance to review The Power of Starting Something Stupid: How to Crush Fear, Make Dreams Happen and Live Without Regret by Richie Norton with Natalie Norton. At best, I would come away energized to continue to pursue my dreams and my highest purpose without regret. And at worst, I would learn another perspective on my belief that action is at the core of any excellent result.  Great results always begin with action, any action. A great idea remains nothing until someone acts. So would the Power of Stupid make that connection?

The Power of Stupid delivers on my hope. The author does a wonderful job of writing in an engaging way.  You easily connect to his train of thought and I remained excited to get to the next page or section.  He draws you in with stories and his examples help you believe you are able, you must, engage your stupid ideas. He presents his treatise and makes a wonderful argument beginning with Gavin's Law and how stupid is the new smart. He argues convincingly how the new smart is worth the effort. He helps you focus by using exercises designed to help you focus on your highest, best, stupid idea.  One focus exercise is related to the Jeff Bezos test: Are you willing to zoom forward to age 80 and consider how you will feel if you never pursued your idea? What actions or ideas will produce the most regret if you fail to take action? He also mentions the other obstacles we will face like analysis paralysis, fear and the T.E.M. (time, experience, money) Gap.

Experience is the opposite of being creative. Paul Arden

There is much more to the book, including the importance of "START".  But don't read any further about the book.  Just read the book. Go get it.

My Stupid Idea

The Power of Stupid challenged me to execute on my stupid idea: to give books away.  I'll give you this book. If money is keeping you from reading this book or any other good* leadership book, please let me know and I'll get you a book. Would you like to offer a book?  Would you like to help me raise the money to add a section to this website where we can match book donors to book recipients?  Share your ideas below.

Or share about your stupid idea.  If you can articulate a stupid idea, you can do something about it TODAY! Don't wait! Don't let the Resistance and the status quo get you. Don't let fear or anxiety crush your ideas. Don't let anything keep you from pursuing your idea. You have an idea. Your idea is proof you ARE a leader. You can influence others from who you are. Your idea is proof that you're here for a purpose.

Your idea is proof you're a leader.  You can, and should improve, but you're not disqualified and you don't need permission.

If nothing else, please share your idea below.  Share the book you'd like to have below. Or recommend a book below.You can also check out and do the same over on our Free Books page. Soon it will be a section, but we won't wait until we have a section. We can start now. We can do something, so I'm doing it.  What about you? Are you in?

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