Legacy Of A Prison

This blog may be a little different than your typical leadership blog post, but I hope my perspective encourages you to think from a different angle.

This August marked a decade from the time I began my professional journey. 

I had not even noticed this milestone, but my colleagues on a professional networking site kept mentioning it. I wish it could be considered a happy milestone, but the feelings are mixed.

My feelings are mixed because my transfer to another country has resulted in many challenges to my sense of satisfaction with myself professionally and personally.

It seems like only a prisoner can acknowledge another prisoner on continuing a legacy of a prison. There is a tidal wave of questions inside my head.

The Questions

  • Did I ever love my job?
  • Were all those years really worthwhile?
  • Why did I always swim against the tide?
  • What was I always looking for?
  • Why I am still not satisfied with myself?
  • Is it a time to start a new chapter of life?

Despite all the questions swirling in my head, maybe I do possibly have more answers than I think.

The Possibilities

  • Maybe I have learned something in all these years.
  • Maybe changes have occurred inside me.
  • Maybe I have lost more than I realize.
  • Maybe there will be a way to repay kindnesses eventually.
  • Maybe I was misunderstood or I misunderstood the situation.

The Present

Everything is history. Whether I accept or reject it nothing will change. What is lost will remain lost but what I have may have some worth. Sometimes you don’t have to write or explain everything. We should leave a few things the way they are.

This article is hopefully more than the irregular thoughts of a grumpy old lost prisoner. Hopefully it leads you to ask yourself questions as you live your life. Because ultimately you are the one who knows the fate of your destiny. You hold the key to being released from prison.

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