Life is a Fork in the Road by Don Shapiro

A friend of mine has recently launched a blog with an interesting purpose. Don Shapiro (LinkedIn Profile, @DonShapiro1) came up with an idea to pursue the decisions people make with a blog called Life Is A Fork In The Road.  The premise is that our life is made up of several, maybe even hundreds of choices.

A fork is one of those decisions that becomes a significant event.  Don is examining how people choose which fork to take.  His desire is to collect stories and see if there are any patterns.  His end goal is a book on the topic that is based on the stories.

Every choice eliminates other choices, many forever.  I can think of several significant forks myself, and many things that would have never been possible had I not taken the fork.  If you're like me, and you tend to think back and plan forward at the end of the year, take a minute and invest in an interesting work.  Please hop over to Life Is A Fork and share a story or two.  I'll be doing that in a few days myself.  It will be interesting to see how Don's pursuit of his particular fork ends up.

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