Make The Most Of Your Human Resources Chapter Featured at

Rick Maurer, one of my favorite experts on organizational change, invited me to guest post on his blog about my chapter in the book, The Character-Based Leader...

My chapter was titled, "Make the Most of Your Human Resources," and is a call to action for corporate leaders to do the work to truly capitalize on the value of the humans in their employ by treating them humanly.

Excerpt from post:

"Rather than keep rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic with new and different programs that other people are responsible for implementing, corporate leaders and HR need only look in the mirror. Reflected there is the key to better capitalizing on the creativity and potential of their human resources."

Read the entire post here.

Thanks again to Rick for inviting me to guest post.  Rick is a down-to-earth person and I recommend any of his books when you are faced with organizational change.


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