Meet Instigator Jacob Kache

Each month in our newsletter, we feature an interview with one of our Instigators. The interview for May was with Jacob Kache, who works as a consultant for O.C. Tanner, a company dedicated to developing employee recognition and rewards programs that help companies appreciate people who do great work. Connect with Jacob either on their website or follow @OCTanner on Twitter.

What is your background in leadership?

I have 10+ years experience in a managerial position. I have developed and implemented rewards programs that have not only increased moral, but productivity. I have received several accolades for the success of these rewards programs, which are focused on being able to improve performance, highlight talents and skills, boost moral and increase motivation.I have been an active leader in the Boy Scouts of America Program as a strong advocate of teaching the boys that leadership isn't about what they have done-- it's about what they have helped other people do.

What do you do to engage in leadership?
Have and show a genuine interest in each person: find out each individual’s aspirations, needs, interests, talents, concerns, etc.Engage people to find meaning in their work: help them to understand that their work is important and worthwhile.

Do you have a book or person that particularly influenced you?
I have both. The Carrot Principle is a great book all people in a leadership position should read. It is about "how the best managers use recognition to engage their people, retain talent, and accelerate performance" (which also happens to be the sub-title).Robert Cordray is someone I have started following a lot over the past few months. He isn't super well known but has written for some very prominent sites  (i.e.,,, etc). He is a retired business guru who now does private consulting. His focus is in employee recognition and leadership coaching. His Twitter handle is @robertcordray.

What would you like to get out of your membership with the Lead Change Group?
I would like to both provide informative, rich content as well as become apart of a community of leaders who share their insights around the universal human need to create value.

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