Meet LeadChange Heather Coleman

Update: We had technical issues with this interview.  Heather has graciously agreed to let me try this again this coming Thursday, July 29 at 4 PM Eastern.

Lead Change people are trying to make a positive difference by applying and developing as leaders.  One member that I'm honored to know is Heather Coleman (@HeatherEColeman).  Heather is the training coordinator at the Ferndale (MI) Career Center and owner of Career Savvy.  I don't think any place in the US has been harder hit from an employment perspective than the Detroit, Michigan area.  Heather trains people how to embrace their circumstances, social media, their experience, skills, energy and their network to change their situation and make a positive difference.

Heather develops and leads over 25 specialized seminars and workshops, special events, networks with community business leaders, oversees professional marketing sites, and creates marketing pieces for programs. Teaches approximately 600 clients on a monthly basis.  She also trains customers and small business professionals in the utilization of social media PR.

Almost everyone I know in Michigan I met through Heather.  You won't want to miss this broadcast.  You can click the image below to listen to the show live at 3 PM Eastern time Thursday July 22, 2010 or shortly after the show, that button will start the replay. Either way, I think you'll enjoy meeting Heather Coleman.

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