Meet LeadChange Jane Perdue

Our guest for Meet LeadChange this week, September 9, 2010, at 3 PM Eastern is Jane Perdue (web, LinkedIn, @thehrgoddess).  She's the CEO and Chief Inspiration Instigator for The Braithewaite Group, a female-owned professional development and consulting firm.

Jane delights in inspiring and challenging at the intersection of the art of leadership and the science of business.  Following 15 years as a Fortune 100 company vice president where she managed eight-digit budgets and thousands of employees, Jane now gives back as a sought-after consultant, coach, and speaker.  Throughout her corporate and current entrepreneurial career as CEO for Braithwaite Innovation Group, Jane has created numerous leadership development programs, some exclusively for women, and has coached hundreds of business leaders to use their heads to manage and their hearts to lead.  Jane’s newest line of business, Get Your BIG On!, opens in October.  Get Your BIG On!, inspired by an Andrew Carnegie quote, provides online training programs and webinars as well as coaching so people have the tools and knowledge to work big, sell big, live big, start big, organize big and lead big!

Jane will be leading the Leadership Character webinar September 21 on "Leading UP - Put the Straw Away."  You won't want to miss the explanation of this topic or the presentation.

Join us for the show.  You can listen live or to the replay right here!

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