Meet LeadChange Kelly Ketelboeter

You probably have come across Kelly Ketelboeter on Twitter or LinkedIn or at her website, The Experience Factor.  She also hosts the free Lead Change webinars we've been having and was one of the early members of the group, joining in April of 2009.

Beginning June 24, I'll start a weekly interview with a group member.  I wanted to start with Kelly because she's been working behind the scenes with the Lead Change Group since we first got going.  Our goal is to promote members of the group as they step up and model character-based leadership in their world and to help promote character-based leadership, not by talking about it, but by actually encouraging each other to engage our spheres of influence.  >We want to instigate a lead change, or leadership transformation, away from celebrities and super-stars and wall-street wizards and toward responsible, honest people who want to make a positive difference in their world.  What better place to start?

Kelly exemplifies character-based leadership.  She stepped up and did what she could to help the group.  She's learned at least 4 different webinar technologies with me as we've done different trial-and-error experiments to find the best technology.  She's invested time in test calls and discussions about the group.  She always has a great attitude, quick to pick up the discussion and always on the spot with a "Cheers" at the end of each note.

She co-founded The Experience Factor with Jen Kuhn, to help companies and managers create a positive work experience for employees through positive and consistent coaching methods. By enhancing and capitalizing on the employee experience, companies will in turn enhance and create amazing customer experiences.

Join us for the discussion this Thursday at 3 PM Eastern at the Lead Change Group's Blog Talk Radio page.  And don't worry if you're late, you can play the recording.

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