Meet LeadChange Sonia Di Maulo

Our guest for Meet LeadChange at 3 PM Eastern, November 11, 2010 will be Sonia Di Maulo of Ready To Feedback.  Sonia partners with HR professionals to coach and train leaders and their teams to use authentic feedback that retains, motivates, and fosters team connections.

Sonia is passionate to partner with clients to help improve the human working environment, increase retention and increase morale.  Everything she does is designed to help organizations foster communications that are human, clear, respectful and consistent.  Her end goal is help organizations develop outstanding, committed, happy people influencing the bottom line.

Sonia brings a wonderful, helpful attitude to every project.  Her involvement seems to simply suggest that success is inevitable.  She encourages people to communicate with respect and she elevates the performance and the attitude of any group.

So please join me right here to listen live or to a playback. You won't want to miss this conversation.

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