Meet LeadChange William Powell

This week's guest for Meet LeadChange is William Powell (web, @WPowellCoaching, LinkedIn, Facebook).  He's author of a book called Personal Ecology: Self Management and the Art of Cultivating Healthy Relationships too.

William is a Leadership & Culture Development expert who works with organizations and professionals to bring quality and effective leadership to the forefront. He has worked internationally with for profit and non-profit organizations and various professionals to facilitate them in improving their self leadership so that they are empowered to lead others well.

He is also a founding member of Lead Swag, a collaborative project with Heather Coleman and Ron Marshall. The goal of Lead Swag is to bring leadership to fun, cheekiness and a slight irreverence for the archaic and traditional approach to leadership.

William’s goal and purpose is to change the global conversation on the subject of leadership and to help create an international standard of leadership that reaches across national, cultural, and industry boundaries.

Listen live right here at 3 PM Eastern this Thursday October the 14th or you can listen to the replay any time thereafter.

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